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New Projects and Plans at THE PIG Hotels' latest addition

It’s been an exciting and very busy few weeks for our team at Andrew Middleton Manufacturers of Ornate Plasterwork!

A new project…

We are very excited to announce that we have recently been contracted to undertake several projects at THE PIG-at Harlyn Bay, the latest PIG hotel due to open in Summer 2020. THE PIG hotels are a group of six (soon to be seven) unique boutique hotels that are found dotted throughout the south of the UK. Each hotel is a restored, renovated and distinct building, all of which are centuries old and were once historic manor homes.

The task…

THE PIG- at Harlyn Bay is situated in Cornwall, so our first task was to venture on over to their site from our base in Bridport, Dorset to see what we’d be dealing with.

We had a good look around the building first, known as one of Cornwall’s oldest manor houses, and collected the impressions from all the panels and cornices we would need to replicate.

Once back at the workshop, we got to work casting into the reverse mould that would end up as a panel. Then, we used the panel we had made to create a rubber mould so that we could produce as many panels as necessary. Creating a rubber mould makes the manufacturing process quick and very efficient.

Below is an example of how match existing works. The existing, damaged plasterwork comprising a cornice and an elaborate frieze can be seen on the left side of the photo. The plasterwork on the right is the new section of cornice and frieze that has been cast from the rubber mould to match the existing and then fixed into position. The plasterwork is then 'stopped in' with plaster to fill all the remaining small gaps and holes.

Here's a video we took of some completed decorated coving.

The team at THE PIG have also asked us to work on the cornice in the disabled toilet. On our first visit to the site, we took a profile of this so that once back at our workshop we could then create a run reverse mould that would allow us to cast out of this to match the existing cornice.

This project has got off to a great start and we can’t wait to see the final outcome when the hotel opens next summer!

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